Day 1:

arrival to Khartoum international airport and transfer to hotel ‎

Day 2:

Khartoum & Omdurman citytour of Khartoum and Omdurman including a visit to the national museum,‎ Ethnographic museum, Khalifa's House (museum), Mehdi Tomp and the old‎ ‎Suq (market) of Omdurman, and visit to the confluence of the two niles (Blue‎Nile & White Nile) at evening return to the hotel‎

Day 3:

Naqa – Mussawarat – Meroe ‎ drive to the ancient cultic centre of Nagaa with the meroitic temple of Amun, ‎the Roman chapel and the lion temple, about 160 km and Proceed to Musawarat ‎as-Sufra 20 km, an extensive temple area with rare elephant depictions. ‎Afterwards continue to the small town of Shendi, 80 km, and onwards 30 km to ‎Meroe. Visit the largest pyramid cemetery of the Nile valley – dozens of black ‎pyramids rise from the desert sands. Tent overnight in front of the pyramids of ‎Meroe. Overnight in tents‎

Day 5:

Meroe - Damer - Bayouda Desert- Deir Ghazali - Karima In the morning opportunity to take a stroll and photograph the pyramids. Then ‎drive to El Damer 100 km, crossing the Nile to Umm Tuyur on the west bank. ‎Afterwards the route leads through the Bayouda desert for 400 km, Visit to the ‎ancient monastery of Deir Ghazali, then drive to Nuri, 25 km. Visit the cemetery ‎containing the pyramids of the 26th dynasty, among them that of Pharaoh ‎Taharqa. Afterwards drive to Karima overnight at a Nubian house Day5 crossing the Nile to visit the necropolis of el-Kurru, 18 km. The ‎subterranean tomb of King Tanwetamani is decorated in the classical pharaonic ‎style. Drive to Jebel Barkal, 18 km Ascent to Jebel Barkal and afterwards visit to ‎the great temple of Amun of Napata dating back to the 12th century B.C. The ‎temple was the most important religious centre of Kush, overnight in Karima a Nubian house–

Day 6:

Kerma Drive from Karima then crossing the desert to Kerma about 300 km overnight at a ‎Nubian house ‎


Kerma – Messaida - Soleb Drive to Kerma, capital of Upper Nubia during the 3rd and 2nd millenium B.C. The ‎‎"Diffufa", large mud brick constructions slightly younger than the Giza pyramids, ‎were probably tombs. Drive to the village of Kerma for provisions, then proceed ‎to Messaida, 18 km, and visit an old Christian chapel. Drive north through ‎colourful Nubian villages to Delgo, 80km, crossing the Nile, then 70 km drive to ‎Soleb. Overnight in the house of a Nubian house


Soleb – Sdeinga – Sai - Soleb Visit the temple of Soleb, a Nubian copy of the temples of the Egyptian New ‎Kingdom, with pillars reminiscent of Luxor temple. Drive to Sdeinga, 50 km and ‎visit to the temple dedicated to Queen Teje, the mother of Akhenaten. Afterwards ‎boat trip to the island of Sai, 40 km, with settlement ruins from old Nubian, ‎Pharaonic and Christian times. Afterwards return to Soleb and drive through the ‎desert along the old Darb el-Arbain, the "Road of Forty" – a camel took 40 days ‎from Khartoum to Cairo on this road. Overnight in the house of a Nubian

Day 9 & Day10 :

Soleb – Sesebi – Sebu - Tumbus Turn back 50 km to Sesebi, a military outpost of pharaoh Akhenaten. Crossing ‎the Nile near Delgo and 30 km drive to the 3rd cataract. Photo stop at the rapids ‎and 50 km drive to Tumbus, passing prehistoric rock inscriptions near Sebu. Visit ‎to hieroglyphic inscriptions and a recumbent statue of King Taharka in the granite ‎quarries. 2 overnights in Kerma at Nubian house.‎

Day 11:

Tumbus – Kawa - Old Dongola Drive from Tumbus to Kerma to buy provisions, then on to Kawa 120 km to see ‎the sand-covered temple ruins. Afterwards proceed to Old Dongola, tent ‎overnight.


Old Dongola – Wadi Milk Visit Old Dongola, once the Christian capital of the Nubian kingdom Makuria and ‎later a major islamic city. Afterwards drive to the spectacularly beautiful desert ‎valley of Wadi Milk. Often one meets Bisharin bedouin watering their camels at ‎one of the wells. Tent overnight.


Wadi Milk - Khartoum After breakfast opportunity to take a walk; then drive back to Khartoum. Arrival ‎late in the afternoon and transfer to the hotel ‎


free time before departure