Day 1:

Arrival at morning and check-in at the hotel (overnight) at 0930 start tour of Khartoum to include the visit of the national museum, Ethnographic museum, Mehdi Tomb and Khalifa's House (museum) in Omdurman and visiting of the old Suq of Omdurman at evening return to the hotel.

Day 2:

Drive through Wadi Milk to Old Dongola after visiting old Dongola continue driving to new Dongola for overnight on the way use a moving camp.

Day 3:

Drive through the west bank to Sessebi and continue driving to Soleb (overnight at a Nubian house) .

Day 4:

Excursion to Sadinga and Sai Island and back to Soleb for an overnight at the nubian house .

Day 5:

Drive to Tumbus, Messaida overnight at Tumbus at a Nubian house .

Day 6:

Drive via Kerma and Kawa to Karima for visiting Jebel Barkal overnight at a Nubian house.

Day 7:

Excursion to AlKurru and Nuri and back to the house.

Day 8:

Drive via Atbara to Meroe (Pyramids) overnight in tents.

Day 9:

Drive back to Khartoum via Naqa and Mussawarat overnight in the hotel.

Day 10: