Departure from Europe and late arrival to Khartoum airport and meet with agency agent and transfer to 3 stars hotel. Khartoum Plaza hotel.

Late morning breakfast at hotel then we start a city tour at Khartoum visiting the national museum which contains different objects dedicated to Nubia history in addition to the beautiful temples saved by UNESCO from lake Nassir and rebuilt inside the museum. Visiting the Ethnographic museum to see the variation of the tribal community of Sudan and style of life . crossing the white Nile to go to Omdurman , a short stop to visit Mahdi tomb and a nice tour in the Khalifa house museum .Stop for lunch and visit the most beautiful colorful market of Omdurman, overnight at Khartoum Plaza hotel.

Early morning breakfast then  starting the journey to the north . 500km north of Khartoum visiting Old dongola the capital of the Christian kingdom of Makuria and the cemetery of the Sofi holy men after Islam became the religion of Nubia (lunch on the way). Taking the ferry and crossing the Nile we drive for 40km arriving kerma 3800 B.C and visiting the archeological site and it's Deffufa in addition to the nice museum . overnight at Al Deffufa Resort.

Visiting the site of Tombus 25km north of Kerma many Egyptian inscriptions and a huge granite statue dedicated to the famous black Pharaoh Taharqa  . 50k.m to the north we have a nice stop to see the panoramic view of the third cataract and the rock art from prehistoric period at Wadi Sebu .lunch at tea house, then crossing the Nile to the west bank and drive for two hours up to the Soleb. Overnight at a Nubian traditional house.

Early morning visiting the Egyptian temple built by Amonhotop  the third, the father of Ekhenatoon . The temple dedicated the god Amon  and the pharaoh himself . 20km to the north we stop to visit the temple dedicated to Queen Tia at Sadinga then later  we have a nice Nile cruise to Said island where we have different sites and different periods in the Nubian history. Overnight at Soleb at Nubian traditional house.

Heading south we drive for 320 km we reach karima the location of ancient Napata the capital of 25th dynasty .we visit the holy mountain (Jebel Barkal)  and the nice temples at the foot of Jebel Barkal , beside the pyramids of Barkal. Later we visit Kurru 15km, the royal necropolis of Napata, there we go underneath the pyramid to see the amazing painted tomb of the black pharaoh Tanutamani, overnight at a Nubian traditional house.

In the morning visiting Nurri pyramids and continue crossing Bayuda desert up to Meroe 400km to the south. Reaching the famous Meroe pyramids and attending the sun set there. Overnight at Raidan tourist village.

Early morning visiting the royal city of Meroe 10km far from the pyramids then we drive 90km on the sfelt road then 40 km off road to visit Mussawarat the Merotic archaeological site with the nice complex of temples dedicated the local god Apedamak the lion god, beside the great enclosure the biggest construction in the history of Nubia .lunch then we continue up   to Naqa 20km from Mussawart . At Naqa we have wonderful buildings dated to the first century A.D. A nice merotic temple dedicated to the local god Apidamak with nice bas-relief for the royal family making offering to their gods the we have the Roman kiosk which is representing the cross point of different influences of different culture in one place , then we visit Among temple built by the same royal couple . Later we drive back to the main road heading to Khartoum 150km from Naqa. Arrive at the hotel for a half day use,after a dinner transfer to the airport for  night departure.
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